9 Best Small Gas Grill For Your Choice 2021

Gas Grills are great especially when you have fishes, meat, burgers and veggies to grill. But due to lack of space, so many meat lovers won’t buy it. So, are you also looking for the best small gas grill or small propane grill that can be fit in your little backyard?  Then you need this list where we have sorted some best small gas grills only for you.

I love food and when it comes to grill the meat and fish, I prefer big sized grills. But I remember back when we did not have enough space to keep big sized grills, we bought a small gas grill which was best suitable for us and trust me, it did its job perfectly. I know many people around me are still using small gas grills even if they have enough space to keep it. The good thing about small gas grills is that we can carry it everywhere and it is so easy to handle than big sized grills. Though there are multiple types of grills available like Electric grill, Propane grill or Charcoal grill, all of them try to do their best.

I still use the small gas grills because they are portable and best suitable for me as I live in a small house where I hardly have backyard space to keep it. Understand me, people prefer to use small gas grills, not because they like longer to cook but they are short in space not in expectations. I know you won’t get much space on Gas Grill but believe me, you will love to cook on it. Here, I have listed out the best small grills that can be the best fit for you by budget, space and your love towards food.

 Small Gas Grill Picked For 2021

1 - Char boil 463377319
  • Power source is propane gas and liquid petroleum gas
  • Fully stainless steel made
  • Four burners




2 - Weber 44010001
  • 10 Years assurred warranty by weber
  • Easy to change one place to another place
  • Build with high quality material




3 - Huntington 24025
  • Stainless steel cooking system
  • Light weight and easy to handle
  • Heat resistant front-mounted handle





1 – Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 2 Burner Small Gas Grill

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The first-ever grill we have bought was from the Weber company and I was completely blown away because it was best for me at that time. First, it was pretty cool from the outer side which was having a single burner and obviously, it fulfilled all my actual needs. Now, the weber is come up with the upgraded version Spirit E-210 but believe me, it has more features than the previous one I had.

Weber is one of the reputational companies in the world and also famous for its quality product. Weber Spirit E-210 is the best small gas grill and we have many reasons to keep it on top of the list. First, it will fulfil all your need if you are living abroad where you don’t have much space to carry large gas grill, another reason is having two burners which are great enough. It is portable, easy to carry and you can do all the things on it that one large grill can do. It is designed in such a way that it can be easily fit in the small backyard or balcony which is the great art of engineering. The cast-iron cooking grates help to retain the heat to make your food testier.

You get porcelain-enameled lid which is great because it won’t rust easily and that makes it to last heavy duty. There are two swivel casters for easy movement though not necessary as it is not so large and one can easily pick it up. Now let’s talk about its power. It never lags to do its work better than others. It has dimensions of 32 X 50 X 63 inches and weighs around 115 pounds.

Weber Spirit E-210 can be heated up to 600 Degree within 15 minutes with both active burners. The design of weber is good enough that you can separate the grates and grease pan for easy cleaning and maintenance. According to my own opinion, it is the best small gas grill made for you that can fulfil all your expectations. It has currently more than a thousand reviews on the amazon and average rating of  4.5 out of 5.

2 – Char-Broil 463370719 3-Burner Cart Style Small  Gas Grill 


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Char-Broil is another great gas grill and you can say that it is the small powerhouse of gas grills. I have personally tried this grill and it was a great experience to grill the burgers on it. This is a great budget-friendly small gas grill that can be easily fit in your small backyard or a balcony. If you have noticed one thing that, TRU infrared technology is used in this grill that prevents flare-ups and helps cook food faster.

Char-Broil is one of the biggest manufacturing companies along with the Weber and especially famous for their great designs of grills. The most important thing that everyone should notice about this grill is that it has a stainless steel finish which is awesome and helps to work longer by increasing its durability. As the name suggests, you get three burners which are enough for cooking food of a group of 4-5 people. You get 450 square inches of cooking space along with small side space for keeping ingredients or serving food. The porcelain-coated grates help to last longer and prevent itself from rust.

The grill has two swivel casters that help to move it in the grass easily. The lower storage cabinet is big enough to put propane tank along with necessary accessories. Electronic ignition system makes it easy with the easy push button. The sauce lovers would love it because you get small 10000 BTU side burner for preparing sauces.

It is quite smaller which is having dimensions of 54.1 x 23.4 x 45.5 inches and that makes the reason why it took second place in our list of best small gas grills. It has very good reviews on Amazon and 4.5-star ratings so you should check it out if you are looking for one small gas grill.

3 – Char-Broil 463377319 Stainless Steel 4-Burner Small Gas Grill


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This model of the gas grill from the Char-Broil is slightly the same as the previous one we have shown above. The difference between these two is that you get four burners instead of three in this model and also, this is the latest model from Char-Broil. This lovely small propane grill is best suitable for picnics, road trips, camping and boating. The body is made from stainless steel which is great for long-lasting life.

As this is an upgraded model from the previous one, you get little extra space and more durability. The lower cabinet is big enough for a propane tank. Though the propane tank is not included in the kit, it is still a great budget deal as it is cheaper than weber gas grills. The overall structure of the gas grill is well designed, the porcelain coated pan is easier to remove for cleaning and is more durable. The electric ignition makes easy to fire up the grills and 4 burners gas grills provides up tp 36000BTU heat. The grates are porcelain-coated and rust-resistant which makes it last longer.

You get total 425 square inches of cooking area which is more than enough for cooking food for a group of 4 to 5 people. Along with the primary burners, lidded side burners powers up to 10000 BTU of heat. Char-Broil also offers you two side shelves for increased storage and prep space. So, if you want gas budget-friendly multiple burner gas grill then this is the best small gas grill for you. As this is more reliable than its previous model, it gets more sells on amazon and other online stores and it has currently 4.4-star ratings on amazon. This is best for you if you are a picnic and trekking lover.

4 – Huntington 24025 Liquid Propane Small Gas Grill


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Though there are different types of grills company offers like an electric grill, gas grill or charcoal grill but many people prefer propane gas grill as it is easy to refill, portable as propane tanks available and it makes no smoke. So, we have brought out the best small propane grill for you. This small and lightweight gas grill is best for you if you live alone or with your buddies as it is a low budget, portable and big enough to cook for a small group of people. This is one of the best small propane grills having two burners which powers up to 25000 BTU heat and stainless steel cooking system.

Huntington liquid gas grill weighs as low as 40 pounds so you could think that how much easy it is to carry. you can easily place it in your balcony, small backyard or in your picnics. You get overall 350sq inches of the cooking area along with the weather-resistant side shelves to keep your veggies or sauces. The lower portion is not covered by stainless steel plates and has a smaller area where the gas tank can be easily fit. The easy push-button ignition system and heat resistant front handle are key things in this gas grill. Though there is no any collapsible shelve system, it is a lot easier to carry and you are always ready to cook your food.

If you are looking for cheapest, under 200$ gas grill then it is for you. This reliable small gas grill has 4.1 ratings on amazon, check the current price below.

5 – KCZAZY Liquid Propane Small Gas Grill


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Are you barbeque lover and want to cook exactly like restaurants recipes? then you need this small propane gas grill which is very small in size but offers a large cooking area, especially for barbeques. The key concept behind this grill is to cook mainly barbeques, even though you can cook burgers, fish and meat too. The size of this small gas grill is as small as the medium-sized CPU and makes it easy to carry everywhere. Don’t ever think to cook on it inside the home as it is made only for outdoor purpose and strictly warned in the usage-manual.

The thing that I like about this grill is even a small kid can pick it up as it weighs only 30 pounds. It can easily be placed in a balcony or smallest ever backyard because it hardly takes space as one computer setup. You might be thinking that how this grill is so small, let me tell you that it does not offer any lower storage for the gas tank as supply has to be provided from outside.

The design of this small gas grill is so simple as no self assemble is needed, just link the gas tank. The cooking area of 250 sq inches is good enough to cook barbeques for family or small group of buddies. According to me, it is best small gas grill for you if you love striking, picnics or boating. It is portable, reliable and more durable due to stainless steel burners.

Side space for serving sauces or plates makes it more attractive and lovely. This one is the budget grill under 150$ if you are looking for cheaper than the previous one. Just keep in mind that it is strictly made for outdoor purpose so never ever think to use inside the home. It is available on the Amazon for a good price than the local shops, so you can check the price from below button.

6 – Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210 2-Burner Liquid Propane Grill


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I don’t know why but we couldn’t miss the Weber Spirit II as it is one of the best gas grills I have ever used. The first position Weber Grill is the previous model of the Spirit II and this one is slightly upgraded than it. If you see both of those, you won’t find any difference other than working and price. Spirit II is more budget-friendly than Spirit I and that can be the main reason to choose this one.

I personally love Weber grills as they feel premium and offers a smoother experience than many others. This small gas grill works on liquid propane and improved ignition boasts the grilling system. The lower structure comes with little changes but it won’t ruin your grilling experience. The lower cabinet is mainly reserved for a gas tank and two side space for serving sauces or food plates. Other specifications are nearly the same as Weber Spirit where you get 450 sq inches of cooking area with two burners which provide up to  26500 BTU heat. The built-in thermometer helps to know the current temperature inside the grill while cooking so that you can adjust it according to need.

Weber claims that this grill is made from a material which can increase its life up to 10 years. The two large wheels help to easily move in the grass or rough area. The folding side table and integrated hooks for spoons easily attract anyone. Porcelain enamelled cast-iron cooking grates extends its life and easy electronic push buttons help to ignition. So, if you have a good budget and want long-lasting small gas grill then this one is made for you. You can easily get it on amazon under 400$, check its current price from below.

7 – Cuisinart CGG-180TS Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill


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This is probably most selling small gas grill in our list as everyone loves it. Thanks to its small and well-designed structure, you can carry it anywhere just like a suitcase. This is the real small gas grill as it takes space not more than a small CPU cabinet. I personally like it because of its folding legs structure, I mean it looks pretty when the legs are folded inside.

The measures of the Cuisinart Tabletop gas grill are 18.5 x 16 x 11.5 inches with the stands. The 145 q inches of porcelain enamelled grates offers vast space for cooking lots of food. The single burner delivers 5500 BTU of heat whereas electric ignition and temperature gauge will help to control the temperature. The smaller size of grill kit makes it portable and can easily be carried by using the handle. This is tabletop grill so you can also use it indoor purpose but you should always be careful and keep it away from the children.

The smaller size makes it lighter in weight as low as 13 pounds and easy to set up. It offers a lot more features like integrated lid lock, carrying handles and folding legs (stands). It is more ideal for the picnics, boatings, balcony, camping and trekking. It comes up in multiple colours so you can choose right for you.

The gas tank is not included in the kit so you have to carry separate gas tank which is not a big deal. This excellent small gas grill can be found on amazon easily which has an average of 4.3-star ratings out of 5 and probably one of the best small gas grills.

8 – Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Liquid Propane Gas Grill


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Our list is filled with most of Char-Broil and Weber gas grills which has many reasons. Char-Broil has a new technology called TRU-Infrared which prevents flare-ups and helps food cook faster. This is also a smaller version of the gas grill like a previous one we shared above. The only difference in this grill is that it does not come with the foldable stands which are not necessary but ok in its budget range.

The 200 sq inches of stainless steel cooking grates help to cook plenty of food faster. The size of this grill is literally as small as college back-pack. This is the best alternative to Cuisinart tabletop grills which is roadworthy and made especially to carry everywhere just like a suitcase. The gas tank is not included in the grill kit, so you need to attach it externally.

This is one of the best small propane grills on the Amazon currently having 4.1-star ratings. If you are looking for mid-budget small propane grill then this one is for you which is available for less than 150$ on Amazon.

9 – Weber 1141001 Go-Anywhere One Size Small Gas Grill


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Last but not least, we can’t miss the Weber Go-Anywhere gas grill. As the name suggests, you can carry it anywhere you want that’s easy it is designed. This gas grill can also be used for the indoor purpose as it is easy to move and manage. It is the best alternative to the above two we have shared as it’s low price, easy setup and portable.

This one we have shared with you is strictly made for a gas purpose and if you want to buy the charcoal grill then you can switch to another model as Weber has made two different grills for gas and charcoal purpose. Weber Go-anywhere is the cheapest in our list and one can buy it from Amazon for less than 70$.  So, if you are living abroad having no space or small backyard, you can think to buy this one as it is easy to set up and you can easily carry anywhere just like a suitcase. It weighs nearly 13 pounds and comes with porcelain-enameled steel grates which is amazing and remarkable in this price range.  This one would be the solid pick if you are looking for a small gas grill in the lowest budget range.


So, here is the list of best small gas grills that you can buy online. You can really enjoy cooking food on these small grills and you won’t realize that you are using small grills instead of a large one. If you have a little backyard or small balcony, that does not mean you can’t enjoy grilling meat and barbeque. These small grills are only made for you. If you enjoy cooking on it, then gift them to your lovely family members so that they also can enjoy.

Reminder: – All the shared above are Gas Grills/ Propane Gas Grills hence they are less messy than Natural gas grills.

Now, enjoy your delicious grilled burgers, veggies, meat, fishes and barbeques in your home.

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