Best Natural Gas Grills 2021

Searching for the Best Natural Gas Grills but can’t decide which to buy? Then this article is exclusively for you where we have hand-picked some of the best natural gas grills 2021 which will add extra spicy enjoyment in your cooking experience.

While searching for the best natural gas grills on the internet, many of you face trouble and difficulty to choose which should be the best pick as per your needs and budget.

There are thousands of gas grills available in the market but only a few of them belongs to your expectations and here, we will try to find the final and the best one that will surely satisfy you.

I am ultimately passionate about cooking food on grills, especially I don’t consider to cook in ‘season of grills’. My season of grills start on 1st January and ends on 31st December, that whereby much I love grilling my food.

I still remember when I didn’t have much space in my backyard to keep one middle-sized grill, I used to cook on small gas grills and believe me, it was an amazing experience.

This guide will help you to buy the natural gas grills depending on different perspectives like price range, product warranty, features etc.

Natural Gas Grills 2021

Before going to make your final decision, you should analyze some factors which will help you to choose the best natural gas grill.

Practically this is not possible before buying so our team used and tested a bunch of grills in our backyard and came up with the best natural gas grills. These best natural gas grills reviews by our team are based on the following factors.

  • Quality – Quality is the first factor that must be considered before buying anything if you have a good budget. Quality of natural gas grill can be considered by metals used for parts of the grill, life-span of the burner and leads, etc.
  • Budget – It is not the first step to set the budget for your grill but your need is. You must determine which type of grill is the best fit for you. If you are low on space then you should go for small gas grills and if want an everyday cooking grill then you may choose post-mounted grills. Afterwards, choose your budget which will worth buying your favorite grill.
  • Performance – Performance is also a vital factor while choosing the best grill. It generally depends on high heat capacity, heat distribution, temperature etc. Our team did their best to choose the best performance natural gas grills in 2021.
  • Features – Nowadays, almost every grill comes up with some exciting features which slightly makes confusing to choose between lots of options. Here, we have listed-out best natural gas grills based on features, performance, budget and quality that you will definitely love.

Top rated natural gas grills picked by our editors

1 - Napoleon p500RSIBNSS
  • Cast iron cooking grates
  • Consume low space
  • Three burners



2 - Napoleon Grills LEX485RSIBNSS-1
  • Ceramic Infrared bottom
  • Fully stainless steel made
  • Six burners



3 - Weber 7471001
  • 5 years warranty by weber
  • Available in both versions (Natural and propane)
  • Six burners



1 – Weber 49010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill

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This 3 burner-Weber takes the first position in our list of best natural gas grills 2021. Weber is everyone’s favourite in the USA as it is a reputational and popular brand there. Bunch of reasons forced us to keep weber Spirit II on the top position including its features and budget range.

It is a budget-friendly natural gas grill that one can easily afford under 500$. In our previous guide where we discussed best small gas grills, two products from Weber successfully earned top positions.

It was a tough decision to place Weber on the top of everything, but finally, based on budget, cooking performance and quality, Weber itself reserved the first position. Additionally, there is the same model available which works on Liquid Propane, so if you prefer propane gas over natural gas, it should be the best fit for you.

Natural gas grills have almost one-third expenses than propane gas grills, so it is recommended to choose a natural gas unit product. Make sure that you do not attach propane gas tank as it won’t work and will make things mess up.

Weber Spirit II comes with 10 years of warranty makes it more reliable than any other branded natural gas grill. The good looking structure will surely make you fall in love with it. Two swivel casters make the grill more portable and 10 foot of flexible gas hose allows you to attach the gas tank from distance.

This gas grill comes with updated grilling system along with infinity ignition and three amazing burners. Porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars and grease management systems help it work long-lasting.

You get porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates which are pretty good and makes it last heavy duty. The 529 sq inches of the cooking area is not big enough but is sufficient to cook food for a group of 5-8 people. With the three burners deliver 30,000 BTUs, you get 105 sq inches of warming rack.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly, well-structured, strong enough, portable and ‘best’ natural gas grill, then Weber spirit II is made only for you.

2 – Dyna-Glo DGP397CNN-D Premier 3 Burner Natural Gas Grill

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This attractive, shiny natural gas grill Premier 3 by Dyna-Glo earned the second position in our list and it deserves it. It is the most inexpensive natural gas grill in our list which costs less than 400$ and, the one who doesn’t have any reason to buy gas grills, won’t refuse to buy it.

This good-looking gas grill also has two units which support Natural gas and propane gas as well but remember, you can’t use a natural gas grill with propane gas and vice versa.

Premier 3 is somewhat more attractive than any other gas grills because of its clean design and structure which comes with two variants; Black and Stainless steel.

The company claims that you can attach the Dyna-Glo premier 3 with in-house piping of LP gas if you have the correct pressure and right connectors. But we recommend you using natural gas supported Grill as it costs far lesser than the propane gas.

Dyno-Glo Premier 3 serves you a 396 sq inches of primary and total 550 sq inches of cooking space which is large enough to grill 19 burgers. This natural gas grill uses equiheat technology which powers even heat distribution using three stainless steel burners and delivers 36,000 BTUs.

Cast-Iron Cooking grates retain heat which helps to cook food faster by transferring heat directly to food. It also consists of two foldable side tables where you can serve sauces, plates and spices.

This powerful gas grill helps you to bring a restaurant-like taste and quality and is much easier to move to your ideal place with its four caster wheels. This budget-friendly natural gas grill can be affordable by anyone which delivers you world-class cooking experience.

Dyno-Glo Premier 3 is available on Amazon for less than 400$ having some good reviews by customers which proves why it deserves the second position in our list.

3 – Napoleon Grills LEX485RSIBNSS-1 6 Burner Natural Gas Grill

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After testing a bunch of natural grills, we found something different which works slightly different than the traditional cooking style. Meet Napoleon LEX 485 which is becoming quite popular as it uses the latest heating technology.

If you have a good enough budget to buy a quality natural gas grill then you have a really good choice. Napoleon LEX 485 could take the first position in our list but because of the big price tag, we slightly dropped its rank.

Napolean LEX 485 comes with an enhanced form of cooking that works on infrared heat. The infrared sizzle zone burners operate by forcing ignited gas through thousands of small holes in a ceramic plate. The heating process appears to be really quick that temperature goes to 1800° F in only 30 seconds.

Premium Stainless steel body ensures that it works long-lasting and heavy-duty providing you with the quality meal. You get a total of 6 burners powering up to 72,500 BTUs with the total cooking area of 815 sq inches allowing you to grill up to 24  hamburgers simultaneously.

Though this one is bigger compared to the previous grills in our list, its price is actually good as it comes with 6 burners and large cooking space. Not only heating technology but also wave grids are also enhanced which provide more even heat transfer instead of older rod-grids.

Napoleon LEX 485 is an overall good natural gas grill under the 1000$. As larger in size, it is not easy to move and carry for your picnics or vacations. If you have good enough backyard space where you want to enjoy cooking then this one is for you.

Check out the latest price from the link below on the Amazon and let us know how’s your experience with it.

4 – Napoleon R425SBNK-1-OB Rogue 425 3 Burner Natural Gas Grill 

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Another one from Napoleon took the place in our list as we tested it out with different tactics and cooking style and came up with the final decision. This list wouldn’t have been completed without Rogue-425 as it perhaps your final choice.

Rogue 425 comes with two different models for both propane gas and natural gas, but make sure that you don’t use propane gas to natural gas grill and vice versa. We recommend selecting a natural gas grill as it costs fewer to refill the gas that the propane or LPG.

With 3 burners which delivers a total of 36,000 BTU, you are provided with 425 sq inches of grilling area along with 195 sq inches of the warm rack for the buns. Rogue 425 comes with a range side burner which helps you to prepare sauces or spices.

Cast-Iron grids are almost maintenance-free and Porcelain-enamelled lid with stainless steel doors makes the overall structure live and work longer. Folding side shelves are a good option to keep your plates, sauces or prepared dishes ideal for small spaces like a balcony or small backyard.

Exactly like Napoleon LEX 485, Rogue 425 also uses wave shape cooking grids which provide even heating and prevent your food from falling down. with a beautiful shiny black surface, Napoleon Rogue 425 comes with 15 years of the limited warranty.

This one is probably the middle range natural gas grill that could be easily fit in your backyard and large enough cook barbeques for a family of 5-8 people. Rogue 425 which works on natural gas is available on Amazon for less than 800$, why are waiting for! Go and check out the latest price from below button.

5 – Weber 47502001 Spirit S-315 3 Burner Natural Gas Grill

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It wouldn’t be the best natural gas grills list if we don’t add a bunch of Weber’s products. Weber has always been my first choice and will be before going to buy any grill. Weber Spirit S-315 is another portable and best budget-friendly natural gas grill that you can buy under $600.

Weber Spirit S-315 comes with the same cooking area as Weber Spirit II. You get a total of 424 sq inches of main grilling area with the warming rack to keep your buns or sauces warm.

This middle-sized natural gas grill is ideal for cooking the barbeques and meat for the group of up to 8 people. The grill comes with easy to clean Porcelain-enamelled cast iron cooking grates and stainless steel finishing. High-quality material increases its life span and work heavy duty.

The foldable side shelves are helpful to organize sauces, dishes and spices for your cooking. These side shelves also come with hooks to keep essential tools like spoons and tongs providing you with easy access.

Weber Spirit S-315 comes with swivel casters makes it more portable that you can be easily moved to picnics, parties and camping.

Cooking grates help cook food faster as flavorizer bars heat every inch of grates and at high heat, it automatically adds some flavour to your dripping. The grease management system helps the removal of grease while reducing the flare-ups.

The only difference between Spirit II and Spirit S-315 is the design that you may be easily recognised. Spirit S-315 has a better design that Spirit II, so if you are looking by this perspective, then Spirit S-315 may be your final choice.

6 – Weber 7271001 Summit E-470 4 Burner Natural Gas Grill, Black

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What do you expect from the gas grill that you are going to purchase? Well, Every gas grill in the Weber Summit E Series is very popular and fulfils your all the expectations.

After testing and cooking on every model of Weber E Series, we finally came up by picking up the Summit E-470. Weber E-470 comes with main 4 stainless steel burners which power up to 48,000 BTUs with side burners which power up to 12,800 BTUs per hour.

Summit E-470 comes with two variants for propane gas as well as natural gas. Though propane gas grill version of Summit E-470 costs you slightly less than a natural gas grill, we recommend you to buy natural gas grill as natural gas has almost 1/3 price than propane gas.

This heavy natural gas grill weighs around 214 pounds not allowing you to carry for camping and trekking. If you have enough backyard space and not a budget limit then this can be yours.

In our list, Weber Summit E-470 is second most expensive grill but definitely is value for money. Providing you with the 468 sq inches of primary grilling area, you also get 112 sq inches of warming rack to keep your veggies or sauces warm.

Porcelain-enamelled cooking grates retain heat evenly and sear food beautifully. These cooking grates are durable and easy to clean allowing you to use for a long period of time. Stainless steel rods hold heat very well boosting the flavour in your food.

The big price tag will surely make you ignore E-470 but trust us, it will never lag to enhance the grilling experience and is unquestionably worth for money. It has many positive reviews on Amazon that show the trust of customers on Weber products.

7 – Napoleon P500RSIBNSS-3 Prestige 500 Natural Gas Grill 

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If you are looking for big one but somewhat easy to move natural gas grill then Napoleon Prestige 500 is for you. If you have the best budget with admiration of grilling then you can think about this else you can search for weber.

Prestige 500 comes with 4 stainless steel burners which produce up to48000 BTUs of heat along with stainless steel sear plates for even heat that make your meal unforgettable. With the 500 sq inches of primary cooking area, prestige 500 is a second-biggest natural gas grill in our list which offers this much of cooking space.

Along with primary cooking space, prestige 500 comes with 260 sq inches of warming rack for your sauces or buns to keep them warm and 140 sq inches of side burners. The flame-throwing Jetfire ignition system on each main burner allows you to quickstart your grilling.

The cabinet is large enough to keep the gas tank or other essentials. Some of the users claim that the cabinet of prestige has poor quality but our team find that to be incorrect. Prestige 500 has high-quality Stainless steel finishing which increases its life and makes more durable.

You can increase your budget by a few hundred dollars and can buy Napoleon prestige 500 as it looks professional and also works great. Not only our team but customers also have good reviews about the prestige 500 on the Amazon. Check out the latest price on Amazon and share your experience with us.

8 – Weber 7471001 Summit E-670 6-Burner Natural Gas Grill

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Last but not least, the giant in our list, Weber Summit E-670 from the Sumit E series. This is the most expensive natural gas grill that we picked after many tests and analyzing it by different perspectives.

This extremely powerful natural gas grill is best for you if you have a lot of members in your home, planning to cook with so many friends, have no budget fixed and pretty good backyard space.

The only reason that this beast couldn’t take the top position in our list is its crazy price tag. Well, it ranges between 2700$ to 3000$, I bet you will never regret after buying it. Let’s have a look at what you can expect from this beast.

You can concurrently grill almost 25 to 30 hamburgers on the 624 sq inches of primary cooking area. Along with the primary cooking area, you get 145 sq inches of warming rack to keep your buns or veggies warm. The 6 burners of the Sumit E-670 deliver 60,800 BTUs per hour whereas side burners and sear station burner deliver 12000 BTUs and 10,600 BTUs respectively.

Side shelves are large enough to organize plates, sauces, and other stuff. The porcelain-enameled shroud which comes with a built-in thermometer is heavy-duty in the light rain as well. Six hooks on the side shelves help you arranging the essential tools like spoons or knives.

Summit E-670 is assured by five years of the limited warranty even though we know it will not affect by even a single scratch. Weber’s products are really good and even I am the biggest fan of Summit E series. Currently, I am using the natural gas unit of E-670, and believe me, the decision taken by me was absolutely worth it.

If you are a real grill lover and you use your grill on a daily basis, then you should definitely buy E-670 as it is a value for money product.

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