6 Best Gas and charcoal Grill Combo

It’s not that easy to choose the type of grill whether is it gas-powered or charcoal-powered. If you like the convenience of a gas grill but want a smoky flavor of charcoal then you don’t have to choose between them, because we have gas and charcoal combo grills so that you can enjoy both on one grill!

The very first decision before choosing the right grill is usually what it is going to run on, right? I also was stuck on this point before choosing my grill but later I came to know that I was making the wrong decision, I should only worry about the price range before choosing the best grill for me.

I found something interesting, the gas and charcoal combo grill! It’s the best invention ever I found in the grilling industry as I can feel the comfort of a gas grill along with the smoky flavor of the charcoal grill on a single machine!

If you are also looking for some binary choice, the combo grills are the best option for you. You just need to choose your best combo grill from the list that we have made just for you.

Here, we are going to unmask the best gas charcoal combo grills in the market with unbiased reviews that you won’t find anywhere on the web. By reading the details of the grills along with the pros and cons, you will be ready to pick your beast.

If you are ready, let’s get started!

6 Of The Best Gas and charcoal grill combo

1 – Oklahoma joe’s Longhorn Charcoal/LP Gas/ Smoker combo grill


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The very first grill cum smoker in our list is from Oklahoma joe’s combo charcoal/Gas smoker. The all in one smoker that runs on both charcoal and gas, Longhorn combo grill is equipped with both gas and charcoal grill chamber.

This single multi-fuel smoker will take care of whatever you want to try it on. With the attached firebox, this multi-purpose smoker allows you to grill and barbeque your own way.

If you have a strong decision about combo grill but running out of budget then Oklahoma joe’s longhorn must be your priority.

Now, let’s see what does it do to impress you!

It has 750 sq inches of the primary cooking area in the main chamber over 6 porcelain-coated cast-iron grates. Along with this, you get 310 sq inches of cooking surface in the firebox chamber. Firebox actually allows you to ignite the flame without losing heat from the charcoal cooking chamber.

This beast comes with 3 burners which produce 12,000BTUs of power each, 36000BTUs in total in the gas cooking chamber. There is another side burner to the gas cooking chamber of 12,000BTUs power which accommodates charcoal chimney starter.

The temperature gauge is there over the top of lead for accurate monitoring of the temperature in both cooking chambers. Dampers are there in both the firebox and smoking chamber to adjust the air and heat circulation.

Remember that the grill is made from heavy-gauge steel so you better buy a cover for it for longer life.

Construction makes ease while cooking so you can concentrate on your delicious food.

As said earlier, if you have a limited budget like under 500$ then this combo grill is best for you so that you can enjoy both gas-grilled and smoky flavor food.

2 – Char-Broil Gas2Coal 3 burner liquid propane and charcoal hybrid grill (bsdk recommended section bnaiyoo – best overall Grill in the list )

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I love Char-Broil grills, not because of their good looking design but they always come up with new ideas and experiments.

Char-broil is kind of never seen grill because of its different design and working technique. Though it works on both gas and charcoal, you can not use both at once.

It is not unusual that gas-charcoal combo grills take a lot of space because of side by side design of the gas cooking chamber and charcoal cooking chamber.

This setup works really well if you have a lot of front yard or backyard space but what if there is a lack of space to keep monster-sized grill? A simple solution!

That’s where char-broil comes into action. Char-Broil Gas2Coal 3 burner liquid propane and charcoal is a hybrid grill with a single cooking space model which can be converted from gas-powered to charcoal powered within 60 seconds.

Char-Broil Gas2Coal features 3 burners that produce 40,000BTUs over the primary cooking area of 420 sq inches, great enough to cook 25-30 burgers simultaneously. Side burner of power 12,000BTUs helps to maximize the prep space.

You must be thinking of how to convert this grill from gas to charcoal, don’t worry, it hardly takes 60 seconds.

Remove all the grates and keep them aside. Now take the charcoal tray from the storage location just below of the red strip and place them on cooking space. Finally, add charcoal, place the grates on their original location and that’s it. You are ready to go!

Now, it’s too easy to deal with charcoal as you don’t need lighter fluid here. Light up the gas burners using push-button electronic ignitor. Close the lid and allow the charcoal to heat up to 10-15 minutes. Next, switch off the burners and wait until charcoals turn white. Now, ready, set and go!

Another thing that I liked most about this grill is its design which is a cool and good example of engineering.  There are more couple of things that can impress you.

The design of the charcoal tray that helps reduce flare-ups, charcoal and propane tank storage, side-shelves for prep space, lead mounted temperature gauge, stainless steel burner and finally, 5 years of warranty on all burners, 2 years of warranty on lid and firebox, 1 year of warranty on all other parts are those couple of things that should notice.

3 – BLOSSMOZ dual fuel combination charcoal/gas grill (most affordable in the list)


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Let me tell you at very first, BLOSSMOZ dual fuel combination charcoal/gas grill is a most affordable grill in our list as it costs less than 300$, isn’t it great!

But, don’t let the small price tag fool you because it comes with a lot of amazing features and specs that no one offers at this price range.

So, this beast comes with 3 stainless steel tube burners which offer total 24,000BTUs over the 295sq inches of gas cooking surface.

The charcoal side chamber offers 262sq inches of cooking surface, so you get a total of 557sq inches of primary cooking area which is great enough to cook 30-32 burgers at the same time(15-16 per side).

Other specs include the 189sq inches of warming rack, cast-iron cooking grates, lower storage for the gas tank and other accessories.

Another thing that you will like about this is it has a side burner of 12,000BTUs where you can prepare sauces or you can host your dishes. The grills at this price usually don’t feature a side burner but it does!.

The charcoal side chamber has a height-adjustable charcoal tray for easy reloading the new charcoal as well as to remove and clean up the ash.

Last but not least, it features 2 spacious, 2 side shelves for prep space or serving, the round temperature gauge on each chamber lid, pre-built tool holders, bottle opener, and 2 wheels for mobility.

Talking about its overall condition, I would give it 9/10 and a one mark is negligible for less cooking surface. It is the best low price combo gas grill that I have ever seen and thus, added it to this list without thinking twice.

It has more than 600 reviews which gather 4.2 overall ratings on Amazon online store, you can guess how many customers trust on BLOSSMOZ combo grill.

It’s the best time to pick one for you as a price hike may occur soon!

4 – Char-Griller 5050 duo gas and charcoal grill



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Char-Griller 5050 duo gas and charcoal combo grill solve the problem of choosing between gas and charcoal grill by simply providing the separate cooking space for both.

You can say this is a mid-budget combo grill that you can buy for less than 700$, neither so expensive nor so cheap!

Char-Griller 5050 duo features heavy steel construction that increases the life of the grill with the porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates.

Charcoal side chamber is slightly larger than the gas cooking chamber. It gives you 438sq inches of gas primary cooking area and 580sq inches of charcoal primary cooking area, totalling up as 1018sq inches of space which is enough to cook food for your friends and family army.

Along with primary cooking space, you get crazy enough warming rack for both sides.

You get three stainless steel burners with power 40,000BTUs in total which can quickly achieve a temperature of 500 degrees. Side burner is also there to the gas chamber for side dishes and sauces.

Now, let’s see some pro features that make char-griller 5050 different from others in this list.

Charcoal-chamber cooking grates can be adjusted to different heights to help control the temperature. Also, it helps to clean up the ash from the chamber.

Grate lifter is addon provided as accessories for easy removing grates and adding new charcoal. Condiment basket and underneath shelf are some of the minor features to provide extra storage.

To get a better idea, click on the button below to land on the product page and check the FAQs. It has more than 360 ratings on Amazon store that means thousands of people liked it. So, why are waiting? grab it ASAP before the price goes up!

5 – PIT BOSS PB1230G wood pellet and gas combo grill (best large grill in the list)


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PIT BOSS PB1230G wood pellet and gas combo grill are almost double the price of Char-Broil Gas2Coal 3 burner hybrid grill. In fact, its a most expensive combo grill in our list that we have selected.

But, there are a lot of things that PIT BOSS PB1230G features that make sense to buy it and obviously, worthy a product with versatility.

The name itself describes what the grill actual is. It is nothing but combo grill with the wood pellet grill and smoker with gas grill combined. Means, you get pre-built pellet grill and smoker combination.

If you have a pretty good budget then I would suggest you to seriously look for this product as it is nothing but a beast for pitmasters. And, if you have hands-on experience of grilling then you have a lot more than just grilling on this machine.

PIT BOSS offers 8 in 1 cooking versatility; smoke, bake, braise, roast, grill, barbeque, char-grill and sear on a single standalone machine.

It offers you three burners on the gas side which can easily heat up to 1000F.  Charcoal-pellet smoker chamber is fueled by 100% hardwood pellets and has adjustable grates for easy cleanup.

Cooking space of more than 1000sq inches is excellent enough to cook 40+ burgers and smoker section itself can hold 4-5 racks of pork ribs.

Other some un-common features that PIT BOSS PB1230G offers are simple slide-plate flame broiler for direct and indirect heat cooking, porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates, two meat probes and a larger hopper capacity.

6 – Dyna-Glo DGB730SNB-D duel fuel grill



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Last but definitely not least, we have a combo grill from Dyna-Glo. Get ready to take your grilling experience to next level using a high-performance cooking system of Dyna-Glo combo grill.

If You are looking for the best, budget-friendly, versatile, and long-lasting combo grill then this is worth buying which help you achieve perfect grilled and flavored food.

Well, it offers you 2 stainless steel tube burners which produce 12,000BTUs each over the gas-cooking surface. It features 730 sq inches of primary cooking area, large enough to cook 35-40 hamburgers, in common in addition with 222sq inches of warming rack.

The machine is well designed by keeping common things in mind like charcoal adjustment crank for temperature control and front access door for loading charcoal and wood chips. Lids on each side have a lift handle with temperature gauge and the inner wall is protected by aluminized steel for heat maintenance.

Try not to e forget the collapsible side tables, integrated towel bars, double door cabinet for propane tank seat and removable ash pan.

If you researched everything related combo grill and finally want to buy one, this is one that you want to buy.


Buying guide for the best combo grill

The first thing is you need to ask yourself what function do you need or what do you expect from a grill to do. Usually, multi-functional and combo/hybrid grills are larger and expensive than single-fuel grills.

We have a lot of different categories under best grills, whether it is small gas grills or best smoker, we have covered everything.

Now, if you are heading towards to learn grilling and smoking then you should not consider buying an expensive and large one. You can try from small gas grills and after a lot of experiments, you can think for a large one for you, Pitmaster.

These days, you have hundreds of and thousands of options in grilling industry so it may be confusing to choose the right one, that’s why we are here.

If you have an army of your family members then you may choose for gas and charcoal combo grill so that you can taste both juicy-smoked as well as gas-grilled food.

Below, we have explained the points that you should note before buying a grill.

Cooking surface- Decide how much cooking-space you actually need. don’t be fool by seeing the product images as it may differ from the actual product. If you have not more than 3 or 4 members then it’s not worth buying a thousand-dollar grill until you are a real pro-griller like me :).

Outside space- Before buying a grill, make sure it will fit in your backyard or front yard as combo grills are larger and can’t be used for indoor purposes.  If you don’t want to move it from indoor to backyard and backyard to again indoor then I suggest you buy a waterproof cover.

Budget- Though budget is always everyone’s first priority before buying a grill, it’s not in case of pitmasters! If you love grilling and enjoy it, don’t hesitate to buy a nice one but don’t make the wrong decisions while buying an expensive machine.

Ready to go!

I hope you liked and enjoyed our best picks of gas and charcoal combo grills! There could be possibly thousands of grills in the market but I know you can find the best one for you from our list.

Choose wisely and always prefer to read the review on Grillcy where you can find a bunch of unbiased reviews of different types of grills.

Enjoy your barbeques all through the year, till then, signing off!


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